• Renewing image
  • Retargeting to Family-friendly
  • From tex-mex to Authentic Mexican


  • Food & drink photos
  • Restaurant photos
  • Poster & flier graphics
  • Full page newspaper advertisement
  • Social Media post designs


  • Posters, signs & fliers
  • Local newspaper ads
  • Created & managed social media
  • SEO and website updates
  • Organic & paid social media campaigns

Rio Grande is a Mexican Restaurant located in Myyrmäki, Finland. They wanted help with two things. Renewing their image from an old and getting more people in the restaurant.

What they needed was a brand re-imagine and a marketing campaign to support that.

I tackled this problem from multiple fronts.

From Tex-Mex to Authentic Mexican

We decided to change their Image from a local Tex-Mex restaurant to the one and only Authentic Mexican Restaurant in town. This process included updating the logo, website, menu and all the marketing.

I changed the branding from their old, dark wooden image to something more colorful, festive and exciting.

This accomplished two goals:

  • Making it new, exciting and noteworthy
  • Solidifying their role as a family-friendly place

Kids Eat For Free

To further enhance the restaurant as a family-friendly place. We decided to make a campaign targeted to families with young kids.

I designed a colorful and inviting campaign with the offer “kids eat for free”. I then made posters and fliers, which I distributed to local schools and kindergartens.

I also created a campaign on social media, organic and paid, targeting local families and getting them excited about the offer.

Photo Contest

We wanted to integrate a social media campaign with the real in-restaurant customers. So, we came up with a photo contest. I made fliers with instructions to take a photo of your food and share it on instagram using our hashtag. We would then select winners weekly and reward them with free meals or drinks at the restaurant.

This campaign succeeded in:

  • Integrating social media with the in-restaurant experience
  • Bringing a lot of organic growth to their social media accounts
  • Producing great customer photo content

BOGO Burger Campaign

Buy one Burger Get one Free! This was one of our most successful campaigns bringing lots of new and returning customers into the restaurant. For this campaign I created a full-page ad for the local newspaper, with a cutout coupon attached. This brought in an older demographic.

I also did a paid social media campaign across Facebook and Instagram, with a digital coupon, bringing local millennials into the restaurant.


This Campaign succeeded in:

  • Getting many new customers into the restaurant
  • Reaching a large demographic of local people
  • Getting people to bring their friends and loved ones in for a free burger

New Food Photos